Personal Statement of Purpose, Values, & Principles

Licensure: Intervention Specialist Mild/Moderate & Moderate/Intensive (K – 12) & Visual Art (PK – 12), expires 6/30/2013

My Purpose:

As a teacher of our most exceptional children, my purpose is to assure that all of my students needs are met – support, guidance, patience, & understanding – so they may not only succeed but reach their fullest potential.

My Values:

  • Every person is deserving of respect & dignity, as all life is precious.
  • All students are capable of tremendous growth & academic success.
  • All students deserve a quality education – an education that addresses the whole child.
  • All students deserve a teacher that is passionate & dedicated to their success.
  • All students deserve a highly qualified teacher, a teacher that is both passionate & knowledgeable about their subject matter.

My Principles:

  • My students are precious, unique individuals – I will treat each student as such.
  • I am dedicated to providing my students with personalized, targeted lessons coupled with engaging materials, in a secure, caring, & inspiring classroom environment.
  • I am dedicated to helping my students identify & develop their own genius, by providing them with hands-on, multisensory learning experiences – through which they discovery & construct their own knowledge.
  • I am dedicated to educating the whole child – their heart, their mind, & their soul.
  • I am dedicated, compassionate, patient, & understanding – I will go above & beyond what is expected of me to ensure that my students will succeed.
  • I am focused on improving myself, and my craft – I continuously seek the most recent, useful, & applicable research available.

My Vision:

My vision is to see my students become active, independent, members of their community – able to partake in, enjoy, and contribute to society. I desire to see my students become full, accomplished, satisfied members of society – as defined by their wishes.

My Promise:

I promise to commit my blood, sweat, and tears to the growth and success of the students I teach. My deepest desire is to help each of my students reach their fullest potential intellectually, socially, & emotionally. I promise to dedicate my knowledge and resources as a passionate advocate and partner in the education and development of our children. My greatest source of pride in my teaching career comes from seeing my students grow & succeed, make new connections & master their lessons.

My Professional Profile:

  • Specializations: Educating Young Students with Moderate/Intensive Educational Needs – 6-years experience (3-years as a full-time teacher).
  • Enthusiastic, creative, & passionate educator able to consistently promote student development to their fullest potential.
  • Recognized for dedication, compassion, & knowledge; Skilled at meeting the needs of students; Adept at promoting growth & success; Unyielding commitment to students.
  • Favors student-centered literature and communication based teaching; Adapts readily to changing circumstances; Experienced teaching in urban, suburban, & rural classroom settings.

My Special Skills:

  • Execution: Designed, developed, & implemented the entire program for my students; Established ambitious goals & high expectations – which promoted students to surpass expected levels of personal & academic growth.
  • Knowledge of Subject Matter: Highly Qualified Teacher licensed to provide instruction to students with mild/moderate & moderate/intensive educational needs.
  • Expressive Clarity: State Audit – recognized for having written error-free IEPs with clear, measurable, & appropriate goals & objectives.
  • Motivation & Management: Utilized a balanced blend of motivational & targeted instruction methods to enhance curricula, focus on the 3 R’s (rigor, relevancy, & relationships); Utilized Positive Guidance Model & sensory integration to manage student behavior; Take a genuine interest in students as unique & valuable individuals.
  • Technology: Boardmaker, Discrete Trial Trainer, Microsoft Office Suite, iPad/iPod, SmartBoard, various forms of assistive technology & software.
  • Teaching for Mastery: Utilized innovative methods & materials to produce effective learning experiences, particularly multi-sensory, novelty, & integrative learning; Adept in multiple instructional strategies, including augmentative/alternative communication, Balanced Literacy, FUNdations, Multiple Intelligences, & sensory integration.

My Contact Information: