Personal Statement of Purpose, Values, & Principles

Licensure: Intervention Specialist Mild/Moderate & Moderate/Intensive (K – 12) & Visual Art (PK – 12), expires 6/30/2013

My Purpose:

As a teacher of our most exceptional children, my purpose is to assure that all of my students needs are met – support, guidance, patience, & understanding – so they may not only succeed but reach their fullest potential.

My Values:

  • Every person is deserving of respect & dignity, as all life is precious.
  • All students are capable of tremendous growth & academic success.
  • All students deserve a quality education – an education that addresses the whole child.
  • All students deserve a teacher that is passionate & dedicated to their success.
  • All students deserve a highly qualified teacher, a teacher that is both passionate & knowledgeable about their subject matter.

My Principles:

  • My students are precious, unique individuals – I will treat each student as such.
  • I am dedicated to providing my students with personalized, targeted lessons coupled with engaging materials, in a secure, caring, & inspiring classroom environment.
  • I am dedicated to helping my students identify & develop their own genius, by providing them with hands-on, multisensory learning experiences – through which they discovery & construct their own knowledge.
  • I am dedicated to educating the whole child – their heart, their mind, & their soul.
  • I am dedicated, compassionate, patient, & understanding – I will go above & beyond what is expected of me to ensure that my students will succeed.
  • I am focused on improving myself, and my craft – I continuously seek the most recent, useful, & applicable research available.

My Vision:

My vision is to see my students become active, independent, members of their community – able to partake in, enjoy, and contribute to society. I desire to see my students become full, accomplished, satisfied members of society – as defined by their wishes.

My Promise:

I promise to commit my blood, sweat, and tears to the growth and success of the students I teach. My deepest desire is to help each of my students reach their fullest potential intellectually, socially, & emotionally. I promise to dedicate my knowledge and resources as a passionate advocate and partner in the education and development of our children. My greatest source of pride in my teaching career comes from seeing my students grow & succeed, make new connections & master their lessons.

My Professional Profile:

  • Specializations: Educating Young Students with Moderate/Intensive Educational Needs – 6-years experience (3-years as a full-time teacher).
  • Enthusiastic, creative, & passionate educator able to consistently promote student development to their fullest potential.
  • Recognized for dedication, compassion, & knowledge; Skilled at meeting the needs of students; Adept at promoting growth & success; Unyielding commitment to students.
  • Favors student-centered literature and communication based teaching; Adapts readily to changing circumstances; Experienced teaching in urban, suburban, & rural classroom settings.

My Special Skills:

  • Execution: Designed, developed, & implemented the entire program for my students; Established ambitious goals & high expectations – which promoted students to surpass expected levels of personal & academic growth.
  • Knowledge of Subject Matter: Highly Qualified Teacher licensed to provide instruction to students with mild/moderate & moderate/intensive educational needs.
  • Expressive Clarity: State Audit – recognized for having written error-free IEPs with clear, measurable, & appropriate goals & objectives.
  • Motivation & Management: Utilized a balanced blend of motivational & targeted instruction methods to enhance curricula, focus on the 3 R’s (rigor, relevancy, & relationships); Utilized Positive Guidance Model & sensory integration to manage student behavior; Take a genuine interest in students as unique & valuable individuals.
  • Technology: Boardmaker, Discrete Trial Trainer, Microsoft Office Suite, iPad/iPod, SmartBoard, various forms of assistive technology & software.
  • Teaching for Mastery: Utilized innovative methods & materials to produce effective learning experiences, particularly multi-sensory, novelty, & integrative learning; Adept in multiple instructional strategies, including augmentative/alternative communication, Balanced Literacy, FUNdations, Multiple Intelligences, & sensory integration.

My Contact Information:


Ethics Statement

I believe that taking on the role of an educator is one of the two most important roles a person can assume – the other role being that of a parent. The role of an educator demands that one be compassionate, devoted, and principled. It is my desire as an educator to provide my students with the best possible guidance, inspiration, and education to help each and every one of them become to their fullest potential. The following

five principles are standards of ethical behavior and conduct that I believe to be key to the ethical accomplishment of these goals.

Principle 1: Nurture and promote the academic, psychological, physical, and social potential of each student to his or her fullest.

  1. I will promote the growth of all students by establishing and maintaining high expectations.
  2. I will acknowledge and support the dignity and worth of all students.
  3. I will protect and support the physical and psychological safety of all students.
  4. I will respect and maintain the privacy of my students; I shall not disclose student information, unless the disclosure serves a professional purpose or is required by law.

Principle 2: Each child needs and deserves a secure, caring, and inspiring environment in which to blossom and flourish.

  1. I will promote the growth of all students by establishing and maintaining a secure, caring, and inspiring classroom.
  2. I will strive to meet the individual needs of each student and ensure their access to meaningful and inclusive experiences.
  3. I will advocate for the conditions and resources that will enhance and promote the growth of my students.
  4. I will utilize assessments that provide intelligible and meaningful data, and utilize the information to promote student success.

Principle 3: Collaboration with families, colleagues, and community members is an important vehicle for positive change in the lives of our children.

  1. I will encourage and support colleagues to develop and maintain high standards.
  2. I will act collegially with those providing my students with services.
  3. I will respect and maintain the privacy of the families with whom I work.
  4. I will respect the culture, values, beliefs, and wishes of the families with whom I work, acknowledging that their diversity is a meaningful and important part of who they are.
  5. I will encourage and support the active and meaningful involvement of student family members.

Principle 4: Professional knowledge is key to student success.

  1. I will maintain a high level of professional competence and assure that my students receive a relevant, meaningful, and inclusive 21st century education.
  2. I will seek the most recent information on subject matter, student needs, and approaches to providing, to promote the success of my students.
  3. I will consciously continue to grow and improve myself as a professional.

Principle 5: Seek to maintain the highest level of professionalism.

  1. I will acknowledge the obligation of trust and respect my position places on me.
  2. I will recognize that I am a confidant, mentor, and advocate for my students.
  3. I will be continually aware of my mission, values, and ethics and I will practice the art of teaching appropriately.